Friday, September 19, 2008

Season's of Life

We have definitely moved out of Summer and into Fall, it is always beautiful to watch the season’s change in the Black Forest. As we anticipate the changing of seasons around us, I realized that we, as a family, have come through a busy season of life here, so let me give you a summary of some of our events that have just transpired.

Matthew Started Kindergarten (do you see the tear in the corner of my eye) - Matthew has started school at a German Kindergarten and loves it. Sure there are things that he hashad to adjust to (not knowing the language) but he loves going every day and is doing so well. I think this has been harder for Jen than Matthew, but we are thankful to God for this season in his life.

Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) – One of the seasons that we have here at Black Forest Academy is SEW. It is one of my main responsibilities and it is one of the ways we kick off the new school year. We had a speaker from St. Louis come and share his life with us. He was a Military “Brat” and an MK, so he related very well to these kids here. A groups of students and staff from a Bible College in Northern Germany (English Speaking) came and led the worship for us. It was a great week and I was thankful to God for helping us walk through this seasonal event we have here at BFA.

Start-Up: As I look at my calendar, Fall starts up on Monday. Well we have already started up here at school. Both Jordan and Ellie are in the Middle School now (that is weird to think about) and loving it. They are away at a Middle School Retreat today. I have started up with all my responsibilities, including a new group of seniors guys that I lead in a Leadership Team small group ministry. We have new students at the school (as we do every year) and we are trying to infuse them into regular life here. As we start up, I do it with Lee Evans who has come to serve as Middle School chaplain, so I am not trying to do both jobs this year, which I am thankful to God for. Jen has started back up with her small group of 10th grade girls, and has even started up with a set of brand new RA women that she leads in Bible Study.

So as you look out at the changes of seasons (for those of you that have changing seasons), use that as a reminder to pray for us and all our seasons of life that we are going through right now.

Thanks for Praying … Continue to Pray!!

Sam (for the Fam)


Flaa Family said...

What a beautiful family! Everybody is all grown up (even Sam)... I can hardly believe "Mamu" is in kindergarten. We are still waiting on baby news, day 5 of being overdue and both KJ and Owen are currently fighting colds (lots of fun!). Hope to talk to you guys soon! (let's set up a skype date)

The Flaas

The Foust Family said...

Hi Sam and Jen and family! We are glad to get your update and see your pictures! You are all gorgeous! I hope you had a great time in the homeland this summer...would have been great to see you here near MI/Ohio! We are dealing with our growing children too...Erika in college courses, Joel in 11th and Seth in 7th. We are praying for you and will keep it up! God bless you all with His protection. We love you!