Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a Hard Life We Live

So often we look at missionaries and are challenged and encouraged by all they have to “Give Up” to serve God. Having grown up a missionary kid, I understand that as well as anyone. There are times, however, that Missionaries, because of location or circumstances, get to experience some amazing things. It is in those times, one would almost feel guilty writing home and reporting on what is happening on this side of the ocean. This, my dear prayer warriors, is one of those times.

The life of a missionary at Black Forest Academy took me into the deep dark jungles of Rome, Italy. Suffering for Jesus, I just came back from a week with the senior class on their senior trip. It is not every senior class that can say they went to Rome on their senior trip (Wait, how ironic that my senior skip DAY was in RomeRome, NY). Anyway – every year the seniors take a week in early Oct and bus down to Rome for their senior trip and I was asked to join them. On the way down (about 14 hours by bus) we stopped for a day in Florence and on the way home we had a day in Venice. Again – forgive me for shattering your view of the typical missionary life. We didn’t actually stay in Rome, but in a little village right on the ocean (The Mediterranean). We traveled into Rome each day and saw some incredible things. We spent a day at the Vatican (St Peter’s Basilica) a day at the Pantheon; Trevey Fountain; and other places in that area; and a day at the Coliseum and the ruins in the surrounding the area. We went to the Catacombs on our way home. One day was just free day on the beach and we had the most gorgeous day for it. Our final day was spent at a city ruins just outside Rome. I can’t put my whole experience into this report, as it was an incredible week. Venice was my favorite, though, and I wish we had more than the 6 hours to see it. To me it is such a magical city.

So all this is not just to gloat over such a unique trip I was able to be a part of (though I do want to do that a little), but it is to ask you to pray for our seniors. Being with them for the week reminded me that what lies ahead is exciting, but also very challenging. MK’s that are transitioning back to North America have some huge hurdles to jump as they leave family, friends, home, and culture, to travel back to a place that, for many of them, is a new experience (I was talking with one senior who is planning on going to college in the states that had never been to the US yet). These next months ahead many seniors will be making final plans on where they are headed. Will you commit to pray for them? So – next time you hear the name “Rome” stop a minute and remember that the seniors of BFA just went to Rome and take a few minutes to pray for our seniors and what God has in store for them these next months ahead.

In the slide show to the right, I have included pictures of Rome, as well as pictures of my family (no, Jen was not able to travel with me). If you click into the slide show you can see the captions for each picture

Anyway, thanks for praying … continue to pray!!

Sam for the Fam