Saturday, May 10, 2008

Matthew has a new look

Well Matthew proved that he has moved out of the little boy stage into manhood yesterday. He now will be sporting a nice scar on his chin after recieving 5 stiches. He was riding his scooter in our courtyard and fell. As he was falling his chin hit the handlebar of his scooter and the end dug into his face. What a mess he quickly became, and we immediately knew we were off to the doctor. Unfortunately, our children's doctor was on vacation, so we took him around the corner to our family doctor, who was leaving on vacation the next day. She did such a great job putting him at ease and sewing him up. We are thankful for a lot of things, but are also reminded that we are in constant need of your prayers, not just for missionary ministry things, but for everyday health concerns. We value your prayers everyday!!

Sam - for the fam


Andrew said...

Ouch- now he needs a good story to go with it.

Rachel said...

So coach, I think you need to do something with our site. Like add pictures. It's pretty boring. Thanks. Jessica.