Thursday, October 1, 2009


So - just a quick update on our life. We just finished Spiritual Emphasis Week here at BFA. I am always thankful for a week the school gives us to go deeper with these students. BFA holds its SEW at the beginning of the school year, which is a great way to kick off the school year and to help focus the students. Bill Finnemore was our speaker (a missionary from Poland) and challenged the kids in their Love for God and their Love for Others. Geoff and Pearl Dresser brought a team with them from Calgary to lead us in worship and did a great job leading us music. All –in-all it was a great week. For our SEW we combine the Middle School and the High School together, but Wed night is a special service just for the Middle Schoolers and we had so much fun together. Friday night is a special service for the High School, and I was so encouraged by the numbers that showed up and the Spirit of the night. Thanks for your prayers

In our lives, I (Sam) will be leaving today, as I am going along on the Senior Trip. The senior spend a week in Rome, Italy, so I am really looking forward to that time with them. We also spend a day in Florence and one day in Venice (that’s the nice part of living were we live). I will have to endure a 14 hour bus ride both ways, but it is not quite as far as the bus rides to Mexico I did from Wisconsin, so it shouldn’t be that bad. Do pray for Jen, though, as I will be gone for a week.

Thanks for praying for us, continue to keep us in your prayers, as well as the students of BFA (and the staff). We are doing well, but value your continued prayers.

Sam - for the Fam (Jen; Jordan; Ellie; Matthew; and Katie)


Jason said...

So we're from Calgary hey?

Anonymous said...

what's up... from huron,oh!!