Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Stemple Family Update

Another month is here and as we move through October I can’t believe how time is flying. The Black Forest has a season change just as Wisconsin would, and the leaves here are in full color. It reminds me that we really do live in a beautiful part of the world.

So what have we been doing to keep ourselves busy? Well –life in the Stemple house has been active. Let us take a few moments to let you know how each one of is doing.

Sam – My last blog focused more on me, so I will give more of this blog to my family to let you know what life is like for them. I continue to serve as chaplain at BFA and continue to love what I do. After SEW things have been a little lighter, though I am in the planning process for our Spring Break Mission Trips. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and you can catch me heading to the gym for either Basketball or indoor soccer

Jen – You would think that being a mother to 4 young children was work enough, but I have decided to get involved in a couple of Bible Studies and small groups, as well. It definitely keeps me busy, but sharpens me at the same time. I am leading a Bible Study with some of the RA girls this year and love the interaction and the time we spend together. I also lead a small group of 5 9th grade girls. We just had a sleep over last week and what a great time we had. I am growing to really love these girls and look forward to what God will do in and through us this year. I am also involved in a prayer group of mothers with young children, and they are such an encouragement to me as we are all in the same stage of life. I don’t take my job as a mom lightly and love serving my family, but it is nice to have some interaction from others, as well as investing into the lives of others. Pray for me and the opportunities I have to serve, both within my family and others, too.

Jordan – I am in Middle School this year (6th grade) and I love it. I was just elected class president and we have our first activity that the senate had to plan this weekend. Tomorrow my intramural soccer team is in the semifinals and (hopefully) the finals, so it has been exciting around here. I just got a retainer, which I have to wear at night, but I hate wearing it. I love riding my bike around town or blading places. Last weekend we had a middle school overnight at the school, which was so much fun.

Ellie – I am in 5th grade this year and am having a great year. It is fun being the oldest grade in the school. I just got some retainers, as well. I have one on the top and bottom. I has made it hard to sleep at night, as I wake up and they are hurting, but mom and dad say they will get better. I have to put them in after supper and then wear them through the night. It makes me talk funny, though, so my family has been joking around with Jordan and I about the things we say. I have a lot of good friends this year, which is an answer to prayer, as my good friend is in the states for a year home assignment. God has been good to give me so many girls my age to play with. Thanks for praying for me.

Matthew – I am 4 years old now, and as my dad showed you in our last blog, I just learned to ride a bike. Our family went for a bike ride the other day and I biked about 5 kilometers (3 miles) – at least that is what my dad told me. I am in Awana and love going every Tuesday. My parents say that I am growing fast, but I love being a little guy, too. I love playing soccer (futbol) and baseball in front of our house. I also like walking to the store with my dad. Last year one of my good friends (Joe Hill) left to return to Canada, so it has been sad not having him around, but God has given me some other friends to play with.

Katie – I am about to turn 3 (in Dec), and though I am the littlest of our family, I don’t like to be the littlest. I like to do everything everyone else is doing. I am all girl (that’s what my mom says at least) and I love to dress up. I am in the process of potty training. Whenever mom thinks I am doing great, I like to show her who is boss by doing a little number here and there. It won’t be long, though, and I will have this thing mastered. Sometimes I think mom should have more work around the house, so I will take all my clothes out of the closet and try each and everyone on. I do love to change my clothes. It is fun to put a different outfit on everytime I go into my room. I am still not sure why that bothers my parents, though. I am growing fast, and it seems like I am the most popular person at BFA, cause when I show up at school everyone want to play with me. Oh – the price you pay for being so cute (my dad says I look just like him :)

Well - I know this got long, and congrats if you made it to this part of the blog. I should have some type of reward – but I don’t. I just wanted to give you a more personal look into life with the Stemples. We value your prayers and ask that you would continue to pray for us. We need them so much.

Have a super day!!
Sam; Jen; Jordan; Ellie; Matthew; and Katie Stemple


Aunt Gail & Uncle John said...

How could I not comment on what I just read! We love the updates. The colors were not as good in No. MN this year. Too dry then wind and rain. Gretchen and Lisa were WILD on Sun. when the Bears won. They are big fans. Sorry, Sam, but GB is doing well. Sunday we will have a big family do when they play the Vikings and a divided house. Good to get updates on all.

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