Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Has Begun

Well - after a crazy spring, summer has hit us. It has been so good for us to have time as a family. Right after graduation of Black Forest Academy, Sam flew back to the US for two weeks to take a class at Moody, visit his home church (for their 25th anniversary) and see his parents. He returned last week, and we have taken this week off, as well as taking the next week off, as well. It has been good to finally have a few moments to breath.

We are traveling to Switzerland (it's actually only about 2 1/2 hours) and will be staying at a hotel in Adelboden from Monday - Friday. We have not gotten away as just our family in a while, we look forward to this time off and away.

We continue to ask you to pray for us. Though the summer doesn't create as many needs ...

1) Please pray for quality (and quantity) time together as a family. If you read my last E-mail (sent in a normal E-mail format) then you know our Mar-June was chaos, especially on the family. Pray that we can take advantage of these down times to re-connect together

2) Pray for wisdom for Sam as he begins to plan for next year. It will definitely be easier going into his 2nd year as chaplain, but he desires to be ahead on stuff when the school year begins. Pray also - for the chaplain's office staff. Sam has an assistant to help him (Hans Shaffer); as well as a lady who commits her time to the chaplain's office, mainly in the area of Small group coordination (Renee Grubb). This next year he has someone helping him with Middle School for the first semester (Lee Evans), but will have to take over the second semester and do both groups again.

3) Pray for personal renewal and spiritual strength throughout the summer. Pray that we would not forget to grow and deepen our own walk with God this summer

Thank you for praying ... Continue to Pray
Sam Stemple


Jon, Kelly Jo, and Owen said...

Love the new blog site! The picture at the top is adorable! Enjoy Adelboden and say hi to the Alps for us! We will be praying for you--may your summer bring refreshment and renewal to everyone in the family! Amen? Amen!

Andrew said...

I am a fan of the blog. I am a huge fan of the Stemplers.

Steve & Tammy Laack said...

Great site Sam & Jen! Now we'll be looking for regular updates :)

Sarah Laack said...

This is a great new site! I love the picture of the kids at the top. Enjoy your summer holidays! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your update and seeing pictures of all. We continue to pray for you in our family prayers as we pray for all the family. It was wonderful to have Christmas with you and see you in your setting. It is a beautiful summer day in Knife River and the lake is beautiful with just a ripple. Hope you can see us here someday.
Take care,
Aunt Gail and Uncle John