Saturday, January 26, 2013

Newest Update - January 2013

Dear friends,

It's been awhile since you've heard from us and we are back in the swing of things here in Germany (where Sam serves as Chaplain at Black Forest Academy) after a year long Home Assignment ministry.  We love the place God has called us, and the students we get to work with from all over the world.  Transition was a little more difficult than we thought.  Things have changed so much here with new students and staff, and it's taken us a while to find our place again.  Our kids have adjusted really quickly, it seems, and they have loved being back where they would call "home".  They have enjoyed sports (volleyball for Ellie and basketball for Jordan), and Matthew and Katie have both picked up German again in the bi-lingual school.  We had a special Christmas with "Oma and Opa" Stemple when they were here and played lots of games, took walks, and went to the Christmas market nearby.  So when January came, we were ready to get back to routine and see friends again.  

Now the second semester has started and there is a lot ahead for these days.  Some of you know that Jordan and Ellie are both going on Mission trips with the school.  Jordan is going to Burkina Faso and Ellie to central Asia.  It is really exciting to see how God is taking care of finances for them- thank you to many of you who have given to them!  They are so grateful and overwhelmed!  They will join some 80+ students who will go out over their spring break to work with established ministries in 8 different locations all over Europe; Asia; and Africa.  Sam will be one of the co-leaders on the Burkina Faso Trip.    

Sam is also in charge of planning the High School Retreat for the students here.  It will be held March 1-3 in a youth hostel in Switzerland.  A speaker and band are coming in from the States to minister to the students and are really excited to be here.  This is a time away from campus where the students often see Christ in new ways, so we're excited for that time.

And then there's soccer... this is a big sport here and we love the competition between the military schools that we play.  Sam will coach the girls team again this year, and both our high schoolers are thinking of trying out for the team.  So there will be lots of cheering going on and hopefully the weather will warm up by then!  That all leads into the summer, which will include the CMA’s youth conference, “LIFE 2013”.  Both Jordan and Ellie plan to attend with a group of MKs from this area (Europe; Middle East; and Asia).  Sam will also go along as a chaperone

How you can pray...

Pray for purpose and direction for both Sam and Jen in the ministries they have here.  Pray for relationships that are being built and that time would be invested wisely.  

Pray for preparation for the high school retreat March 1-3.  Pray for the speaker and band as they come- that they would draw the students and staff to Jesus.

Pray for the M-trips going out March 20-29.  Pray that money would continue to come in for students, for prepared hearts, and that God would work in each one however He wants in the days following.

Pray for preparations for the LIFE conference our kids, as well as a group of MKs, will be attending this summer.  This is a great opportunity for them to connect with youth from all over the states, as well as being challenged in their own walk with Christ.

Thank you so much for your love and support of our family and work here.  The world continues to be reached through our parents represented and YOU are a part of that!  May you know the far reaching effects of your prayers on His people.  

Serving Him together,

Sam and Jen Stemple (for Jordan; Ellie; Matthew; and Katie)